Our goal is to become a "zero waste" business.  All items we hand to customers are edible, drinkable, commercially compostable, recyclable, or reusable.

Whenever possible, we source food locally.  And while coffee can never be a local product in New England, we source the most environmentally friendly coffees we can find.


Some of our environmentally sustainable practices include:

  1. We brew locally roasted, organic, fairly traded, and shade grown coffee.
  2. We source our milk and other food products from local suppliers and use organic ingredients when possible.
  3. We use exclusively recyclable or biodegradable paper goods, disposables, and packaging.
  4. We donate our coffee grounds to local farms and school programs for compost.
  5. Our stores also recycle paper, cardboard, milk jugs, and bottles.
  6. We offer a $.25 discount to customers who bring their own mug, which cuts down on waste.  We also sell a travel mug made 100% from USA corn.
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