Our Story

Blue State Coffee is a family business. It all started in 2004, when Drew came up with the idea for a community-oriented coffee shop. The premise was simple: our ideals would guide how the company did business. We pledged to donate a percentage of sales to local non-profit organizations, to minimize the company's environmental impact, to serve world-class coffee, and to treat employees as members of the Blue State Coffee family.

Every day, we realize that vision. At each of our stores across New England, we strive to reflect, improve, and inspire our communities. We have donated more than $900,000 to over 300 local non-profit organizations. We source and roast delicious, fairly-traded coffees from around the world. And we have wonderful employees who joined our business because they believe in our mission.

While we are proud of what we have accomplished, our work is not yet finished. We will continue to grow, creating community within our stores and demonstrating that business can be a positive force for good. To see what we're all about, visit our stores in New Haven, Hartford, Providence, and Boston!  

Carolyn, Marshall, and Drew