Virtual Latte Art Contest
Round #63 - Winner!

And the winner is Ashley Heinbockel from our Providence stores! She's been working hard and shows a great talent for latte art. This is one of several great pours she made this month. Congrats Ashley!

Round #62 - Winner!

There was some fierce competition this month, and the winner was Katt Schott from Providence! Katt poured this beautifully defined and symmetrical tulip to capture this month's prize. Great job Katt!

Round #60 - Winner

Alex Kramer wins the November latte art competition! This tulip's great symmetry, definition, and contrast win the round. Congratulations Alex!

Round #59 - Winner!

Congratulations (again) to Alice Nicholls! She poured this beautiful tulip while working at our 320 Congress store in New Haven. Gorgeous symmetry, definition, and technique. Way to go Alice!