Our Coffees

At Blue State Coffee, our values dictate both the way we give back and the way we source our coffee. Along the supply chain, we work to ensure that our coffee is produced and transported in the most ethical and environmentally sustainable way possible. We travel to origin to meet with farmers and to pick the very best lots for our blends and single origin coffees, including our microlots, which are available in limited quantities. We're proud that our coffees are fairly traded, organic, and shade grown — and even more proud that we've had a hand in the journey from seed to cup, every step of the way.

The flavor notes we use to describe our coffees are provided by our Coffee Director as guidance for you in choosing among our coffees. We don't use any added flavors in our coffees, which allows you to enjoy the natural well-roasted coffee bean. We want you to love your coffee as much as we do - if you’d like a recommendation based on your preferences please email our Coffee Director, Gina, at Gina@bluestatecoffee.com

Our coffees

Our Signature Coffees
These are our signature coffees that we offer every day. They are always available at our stores and online.

True Blue Our True Blue blends medium and dark roasted beans for a strong start and a refreshingly sweet finish. The current blend is Mexico and Sumatra.
Tasting notes: full bodied, ripe red fruit, chocolate

Liberty We love our Liberty: it’s sweet, tangy, and bright! This is a coffee perfect for brewing iced coffee.
Tasting notes: chocolate, cherry, lemon

Decaf It tastes just like regular coffee - velvety, rich, and downright delicious. But it's Decaf. We swear. Our decaf is decaffeinated using the Mountain Water Process method.
Tasting notes: full bodied, chocolate, cherry

Espresso #9 Our signature house espresso (used in-store at all our locations) has a smooth, medium body with bright citrus notes and a chocolaty finish. A seasonally changing blend, Espresso #9 currently contains beans from Mexico, Colombia, and Sumatra.
Tasting notes: dark cherry, chocolate, grapefruit

French Roast This is our darkest roast. Full bodied with dark cherry and caramel notes. We kept the dark roast lovers in mind when roasting this coffee!
Tasting notes: dark cherry, bold, caramel

Microlots 2015-2016
Most of our microlots were chosen on our trips to origin and all of our microlots are delicious! We’ll be bringing them in throughout the year and tasting notes are added as we roast them.

Colombia, El Retiro, Antioquia This coffee is grown on a farm named "El Retiro" owned by Gustavo de Jesus Rivera in the Caicedo municipality of the department of Antioquia in Colombia. The farm is located at an elevation of 7200 feet above sea level and  is one of the highest grown coffees we've offered at Blue State Coffee. This elevation produces a particular microclimate that allows the coffee to develop slowly, and combined with a longer fermentation time using a lower water temperature for this washed process coffee, creates a complex, delicious cup. The infrastructure for specialty coffee is new and developing for this region, and it is rare that a coffee is separated from an individual farm and brought to market. We are one of few to offer this coffee and are very happy to support the growth of specialty coffee in this area.
Tasting notes: red apple, sugar, balanced 

Honduras, Finca Cual Bicicleta This coffee grown by Oscar Omar Alonzo on his farm Cual Bicicleta is some of the best that Honduras has to offer. Oscar has been growing coffee for nearly 20 years. In the year 2000 he switched from non-organic to organic production and initially lost nearly 90% of his production. With the help of the COMSA cooperative he has surpassed his previous production levels and is a leader in his community as an innovative coffee farmer. We have both a honey and washed process coffee from Cual Bicicleta. We are currently featuring the washed process.
Tasting notes: cantaloupe, jasmine, effervescent